Farah Notash

A magic vaccine and the people’s resistance

Farah Notash          Worlds Anti -imperialist Front   Women’s Power

Vienna 29.11.2020

The question is, when people get no immunity after being ill with COVID-19 and get ill for the 2nd and the 3rd times, then how is a vaccine going to give them any immunity?! For the only aim of vaccination is to establish immunity.

The vaccines are the weakened microorganisms of the illnesses and cause slight sickness and then give immunity.

So, if the strong real Corona virus, after causing severe sickness, is not giving any immunity, then no miracle is going to happen. So to expect, and believe, that the vaccine can provide any immunity, one needs to be totally removed from reality! And if a vaccine cannot provide immunity, then why is it used?! So the vaccination is not aimed at bringing immunity against that specific illness, but has other aims.

There are lots of diseases which humans are not vaccinated against, but get cured through medication. The most astonishing attitude since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, is that the world’s authorities, except Cuba, have been determined to provide a vaccine, while showing hardly any interest for providing a cure!

A great effort, with great competition between different countries, has

been put into producing an effective vaccine. And perhaps some are happy about the world’s mandatory vaccination so that they can make huge profits! On the other hand, perhaps some wish to bring about human digitalisation and some to prevent human digitisation! But

CIA interference and threatening the sites freedom of speech in the medical field is absolutely revolting.

According to some opinion polling, the majority of the people are against vaccination! So, all the expenses planned by governments for a complete vaccination of the whole populations are not only a waste of money, but also of precious time to provide a cure and save the lives of the patients whose health is constantly deteriorating.

Therefore, the people want a stop to no-immunity vaccinations, and priority given to finding a truly curing medicine. The inhuman ideas of vaccination to sterilise people, to overcome the high population rate and robotise people by influencing their thinking, or end their lives through the digitalized vaccine, have already become part of history, and will have no effect. The world population can easily be controlled through world media.

 The world has no problem with its population. The main problem is the savagery of the imperialists, above all the USA imperialists. With their sick racist mentality, they try to humiliate humanity here and there and keep looking for the best ways of tormenting the people.

The world will not adjust itself to the wishes of the imperialists. And if

free reproduction of robots makes the imperialists no longer need the

working class, then they can leave the planet with their robots and start a new life on some other planet with as many robots as they wish. On this planet there are enough place for all the people

and the people will not allow anyone to turn them into a robot by

digitalizing them.   

The imperialists should be aware that they are not the owners of this planet and cannot enslave people.

The global resistance has already begun against the Wall Street “dream makers” and will clearly stop them from forcing the mandatory disgusting no-immunity vaccination and human robotization.

Their fear is quite understandable. As they are getting mega-rich, their number is decreasing. So, they fear the great masses will rise against them. They are happy to dominate as much as one billion! The other 9 billion are causing them nightmare.


No-immunity vaccine is equal to no vaccine!

Long live the world’s solidarity and resistance against

deceitful attitudes

Medicine instead of vaccine



Women’s Power


Qantas Airways CEO Says COVID Vaccination Will Be Mandatory for Travel --'We will ask people to have a vaccination before they can get on the aircraft.' | 23 Nov 2020 | The CEO of Qantas says that the COVID-19 vaccine will be mandatory for anyone boarding his flights and that this will become the norm for all international travel. "We are looking at changing our terms and conditions to say, for international travelers, tAhat we will ask people to have a vaccination before they can get on the aircraft," said Alan Joyce. "I think that's going to be a common thing talking to my colleagues in other airlines around the globe," he told Australian news program A Current Affair. Qantas will only resume flights to the US and the UK once a jab comes to market. As we previously reported, airlines across the world are likely to introduce similar measures once the coronavirus vaccine is widely available



UK government to propose digital 'freedom pass' that allows heavily-tested citizens in public life | 22 Nov 2020 | The UK government plans to provide the rather dystopian-sounding digital "freedom passes" to people who test negative for COVID twice in a week. The plan is an attempt to "allow" people a shot at a "normal life" before a vaccine becomes available. The government is still working on the plan. Once it comes into effect, people who test negative for COVID will be given a document that will allow them to move around in public with no issue. People who earn the pass will be allowed to move about mask-less and even attend social gatherings with friends and family without having to observe social distancing. According to sources, the "freedom pass" could be stored in smartphones. "They will allow someone to wander down the streets, and if someone else asks why they are not wearing a mask, they can show the card, letter, or an app," a source close to the issue told The Telegraph... Former health secretary Jeremy Hunt, said: "We should do the same [as Slovakia] in the UK, using the NHS COVID-19 app to record who has been tested and who has received the vaccine." [We're nearing the point where some might feel it's time to ponder the solutions offered by the protagonists in the 2005 movie V for Vendetta.]


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26 November 2020