Farah Notash

Africa... Africa

Farah Notash

                                                                                                        Vienna Feb 2015


You are the loudest cry

You are a live beating heart

You are constant rising try

And always …

Looking to unattained freedom

Behind iron bars


Africa… Africa

Your eternal

 Patrice Lumumba

As the brightest star of hope

Glitters … flows

In the looks of your children

And their sunny smiles  


A bright tomorrow


Who stands beside you

 In the days of your hunger…

Who stand besides you…

In your dreadful lonely anger…



Your hopeful cry… is your dancing

Africa …Africa

You hopefully cry is your singing


The sun… wakes up …

With the beats of your drums

Seas ripple roaring

With the beats of your drums



You tame Lions

With your power of will

You deserve the rights

Pull down

The tower of deal


Africa …Africa

Is the time for illuminity …

Down with immobility

The Key to success

Great African unity

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