Farah Notash

The US Death Biolabs in Ukraine

pandemic-pathogens spread by drones


Farah Notash     Worlds Anti-imperialist Front    Women’s Power           Vienna 01.04.2021


 The USA has 336 Bio death labs in different countries of the world so far. 30 of these deadly Bioweapon labs have been discovered by the Russian army in Ukraine.

Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, has invested 2.4 billion US $ for founding these deadly Biolabs in Ukraine, in co-operating with Pentagon.

In these deathful Biolabs, bats, different insects, and small animals with capabilities of transferring infectious dangerous pathogens were found. Also, in some of these Bio death labs, research on bats with evidence of Covid-19 Virous was proved.

The initial virous most probably was made in Fort Detrick US Base, but further research and development of it was in Ukraine.  Evidence: Death of thousands of people in Fort Detrick Base and quick silence burring them, with no permission for autopsy to relatives. Fort Detrick has been closed since Sep.2019)

The money for “EN. 68 727” project was invested by Germany. And 1000 Slavic Ukrainian blood serum samples were transferred to Hamburg, Brand Nuch. In some of these Bio Labs German Biologists were cooperating with American Biologists.

320 containers of different deadly Pathogens and 140 containers full of bats and many different insects’ parasites were found. Ukrainian soldiers were misused as the rabbits of these Biolabs. The Ukrainian ministry of health and Biology department were only cover for all these criminal activities and were not aware of what was going on. The salaries were paid by the USA. 

Joe Biden and son, the US criminal ruling class!

On 29th March, all material of Hunters Biden’s Laptop, in request of some republicans was transferred to Congressional Official archive. As if the US Congress is unaware of deadly foreign policy of the USA!

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To the death numbers,  the number of the deaths caused by the vaccines side effects should be added too!

On1948, head of pentagons reported the privilege of the Bioweapons to the US Congress, as a traceless mass murdering weapon, but today, world is aware and is accusing Hunter Biden and Pentagon in producing Covid-19 in Ukraine and spreading it in the world. Today the world is aware of Ukraine being misused, as the country in Europe, for the US conspiracy. The USA, which is on the other side of the globe, and trying to push in, by the petty politicians who easily sell their countries.  Ukraine, the soled and misused land, nearest location for the greatest conspiracy against humanity.  Today, is impossible to hide the hundred-sided US involvements to this very massive and huge human disaster. And it is impossible for the USA to deny having its infectious hands in this huge mass murdering of over 6000000 deaths. And it is impossible for Hunter Biden and the Pentagon to get away from its worldwide revenge.

On the other side the US presidents have supported financially, given military training, and armed the Ukrainians Fascist groups, to misuse them as their own proxy army after the coup they made in Ukraine 2014. And they were determined to distribute the dangerous pathogens in Donbas and Russia by drones.

The most astonishing part of this huge US criminal scenario is, the support of Ukrainian Fascists, by majority of Anti-fascists! Silence and no more Holocaust!  And the shameless Ukraine seller having constant speeches and accusing delegates of different nations of being shameless!

Joe Biden, despite promising no US involvement in the conflict, now is suggesting to send US troops to Ukraine, and he is agitated to find a way to squeeze in and sell EU the US Gas and Oil!


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