Farah Notash

Friends of Cuba

Farah Notash
Women's Power
8 April 2014

A crystal clear line has been running from Jan 1959 till today.
The revolution of Cuba, the most anti- imperialist revolution, has always been loyal to her people and to the people of the world. Its aims and goals have been honest and unchanged since the first days of the revolution.
We are the luckiest generation, to be contemporary to the great leader of Cuba, Fidel Castro. The man who has always had great love and honesty towards his people, and been honoured by the support of his people in return.
The world will never forget the resistance of this great nation against the imperialists' sanctions for more than half a century.
Our respect and admiration for Fidel Castro, his nation and his comrades such as Che Guevara, should manifest itself through the following of their views and support for their ideas. Most importantly we must have correct knowledge of Cuba's steps in international field against Imperialists. This is the greatest help to Cuba. Worldwide political support of Cuba is the greatest part of international struggle against imperialism.
We cannot have absolute nourishment from imperialistic Media and ignore
the anti-imperialist policies of Cuba, and then call ourselves Friends of Cuba
The events going on in the world should be our main concerns.
Although friends of Cuba among the nations are many, there are very few, among state leaders.
Only 11 states voted against the UN resolution condemning the Crimean referendum of the 16th March. One of these states is the brave Cuba.
Brave Cuba is one of these 11 states who supported Russia against fascism and nationalism.
These 11 states are out of 193 member countries.
100 votes for the resolution, that means pro USA,
There were 58 abstentions, including China.
The rest were absent, including Iran and Israel, hand-in-hand!
Now the Friends of Cuba see the great distance between the small minority and the great majority of servants imperialism. And the importance of understanding and following the Cuba's foreign policies is also clear.
We cannot claim to be Friends of brave Cuba if we lack knowledge.
To pull ourselves up and raise our level, we need to have knowledge and never lose true crystal clear anti-imperialist line of Cuba.

World's anti-imperialist front