Farah Notash

Following the claim for US compensation owed to the World’s Nations

Worlds Anti-Imperialist front     Women’s power         Vienna 30 April 2016

                 To those whose heart has hurt due to US imperialist’s mistreatment and aggression against the humanity’s rights in all the countries and in the USA;

                      To the respectable Parties and organisations whose Anti-imperialist struggle, the people of the world have been witnessing;

T he great Anti – imperialist struggle of the world needs your help now.

You have already shown your unwavering commitment to this struggle.

Let us participate in this unique struggle also now.

The people of the world oppressed by the USA are expecting our support.

Let us not leave this expectation with no answer.

Let us write our claims for compensation owed to the nations by the US imperialists from the Second World War and its misuse of the Atom Bomb, in local and English languages and distribute them all over the world.

The month of May 2016, is the month for publishing claims for US imperialist compensation owed to the nations of the world.

With respect        Farah   Notash

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