Farah Notash

The US scientists are covering up the US Crimes

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Vienna 27.01.2018

While the US regime, under the domination of Zionists, is continually attacking Iran by HAARP, the US scientists, are trying to cover up the US crimes misusing HAARP and explain all the environmental changes in Iran as normal.

The whole month of December 2017, the earthquakes in Iran, due to US HAARP attacks, were ended with the start of demonstrations. US earthquake specialist claimed that these were normal for Iran. Yet the red lights in the sky and strange frightening sounds before earthquakes resembling HAARP attacks had been observed all over.

 Since then the extreme air pollution due to US HAARP misusage is choking Iran’s people.

On 24th Jan, US climate specialists, came with a long list of killing diseases resulting from long-neglected round particles in air, and gave a strong warning to Iran’s regime, to take urgent measures against it. But the people of Iran, are already aware of it, due to the excess death rate due to cancer and respiratory diseases, among children to all age ranges.

The same day the leader of corruption in Iran, had agreed to take 150 million dollars from National development budget, compared with 2.4 Billion for development of armed forces.

The question is why do the areas of increased dust on the US geographical map match the areas where USA is interested in exploiting the resources?!

 The major problems with the US climate specialist suggestion are:

          No Matter what effort the Iran Regime makes, as the USA is continually attacking Iran by HAARP, and producing air pollution, the problem will continue.

           The Mullahs of Iran, are totally busy in stealing the budget, so there would be very little chance or none at all, of overcoming any problem through their efforts.

          Even if they plant any seeds or trees, it would take at least 10-20 years to produce a result. And by then, vast numbers of Iranians will have been massacred by the diseases produced by the US HAARP.

So, these are our urgent suggestion:  


Stop US misusing HAARP in Iran or elsewhere,

Stop Erdogan from blocking the river Tigress to create a lake in Turkey.


With the US HAARP attacks, rain has decrease in Iran. The water supply of the country is only 59% of normal for this time of the year.

What would be the situation in summer? 

Down with misery maker USA!




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